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Bromley Chair Exercise Classes

BROMLEY CHAIR EXERCISE CLASSES who are they useful for?

These Bromley Chair Exercise classes are available to book for groups in Bromley, Chislehurst, Bickley, Downham and Catford areas. I have 10 years+ experience leading chair-based exercise sessions in adult retirement homes, residential homes for special needs and in slimming clubs.

CHAIR EXERCISE SESSIONS who would benefit?

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If you spend long periods of time sitting without much movement, the circulation becomes sluggish. It is necessary to get moving to increase blood flow to organs so that the body systems function correctly. Even remaining seated for exercises is beneficial for those who are not used to standing for long periods of time. For instance people with limited mobility and you can benefit if you are very overweight. Increased oxygen to the brain during exercise improves mood and helps joints and muscles function better. Arthritis, rheumatism, constipation and depression are just some of the conditions helped with Bromley chair exercise classes.

CHAIR EXERCISE CLASSES: how is the class structured?

Some of us find exercise a struggle or challenge; in a seated position it can be so much easier. However, participants don’t have to sit the whole time. The class can include a mix of sitting, standing, depending on group ability and preference. If standing, you are able to use your chair, frame or stick for balance.

BROMLEY CHAIR EXERCISE duration and frequency

Bromley chair exercise classes can last from 40 minutes to an hour depending group ability. Once a week is good. Twice a week is even better to reap the benefits

BROMLEY CHAIR EXERCISE CLASSES: what is the typical structure of a class?

Typically the chair exercise session consists of a warm-up of seated mobility and stretching. Next, throwing, catching, bouncing and hitting with various sized balls and shuttlecocks. Exercises without equipment to test co-ordination and stamina are also included. Weighted tennis balls and rubber resistance bands help to maintain muscular endurance and mobilise joints. Towards the end of the class, where possible we have a ‘freestyle’ jig about to some well-known tunes. Where possible participants are encouraged to stand and dance free-style if they feel like it otherwise they can move in their chair

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