De-stress with Aromatherapy Massage and Stretch at home

If you live in South-East London or Bromley you have come to the right website!
Techniques and tools to de-stress are necessary in everybody lives. Whether you have too much to do or not enough to do, all our minds work overtime.

Stress is everywhere. It’s there-every time you step out of your front door. It’s in the car on the school run, it’s there when you go to catch the train, in the work-place…

The pressures of just existing, as an adult, teenager or child is stressful. Whether you are rich, poor, married, single, have children or don’t have children. Whether you don’t have enough money or even too much! The mind works overtime and needs a little encouragement from time to time to just let go.

Why not give stretchnpummel services a try!

My name is Sally

fitness leader website owner

Fitness leader and website owner

I offer exercise and aromatherapy massage to help you de-stress in the local areas of Bromley and the South-East London surrounds.

You can see images of my massage and exercise qualifications at the home page and on the pricelist page of this website.

I Currently take exercise and aromatherapy sessions in residential homes and my work offers me the privilege of working with adults with mental health illness and dementia.

As well as a massage and exercise therapist I have years of experience as a Personal Trainer in the city. I worked in company gyms in the city of London including Royal and Sun Alliance and Standard Chartered Bank.

I also represented Surrey county as an athlete. I have much experience of how the body and mind works, breaks down and heals.

De-stressing Treatments help you feel lighter and brighter

Everyone needs a little help from time to time to de-stress. Maybe an outside force who you doesn’t know you well can be more beneficial than someone who is close to you.

An impartial person who is not there to judge, control or tell you what to do. My service is simply here to give you a relaxing treatment or exercise session to help you re-balance. My sole aim is to help you feel lighter and brighter at the end of whichever treatment you choose.

Stretches and breathing exercises that you can incorporate into your everyday life and routines are a good starting point. There’s also the option of a detoxifying aromatherapy massage to help you de-stress sleep and… EXHALE
Breathe again!!!

It’s never too late to change direction in your life, change paths you are on and put yourself first.

Release from overuse Injury through stretching and massage

Sport and Exercise can be very good for you if you take a balanced approach. This means not doing too much of the same exercise over and over and not making progressions to your exercise programme before your body is ready.

Body Breakdown under Physical Stress

The same goes for any form of repetitive hard work such as labouring on the building site, sports participation or even Housework.
Repetitive stress injuries are more common these days and a sign of localised body breakdown. It’s a sign to tell us to rest.
Easier said than done, especially when your problem is a factor in earning your major source of income.

Repetitive physical stress on the body does exactly the same as too much emotional stress on the mind. It weighs us down, breaks us and makes us weak

‘Stretchnpummel’ massage and stretch services can help clear nerve pathways and unknot tight muscles. I use massage releasing techniques that target muscle origins and insertion points of the affected muscles. I work along the pathway of the muscle between these two points to hopefully provide relief.

Please see a medical practitioner for any chronic pain in your muscles or body that you’ve had for a while.

Everything in Moderation

Medical professionals believe the worse thing you can do for muscle and joint pain is to do nothing. You need to get the blood circulating around the body to deliver vital nutrients to the injury sites. Or else just seize up! THE SAME GOES FOR A HEALTHY MIND, KEEP MOVING FOR GOOD CIRCULATION TO HELP THE MIND AND BRAIN
It is important to keep active-but with sense and caution in old age. Everything in moderation is the best approach

It’s all about what you can do, not what you can’t do

The medical experts advocate keeping active with cycling and specific exercises to help arthritis. Especially knee arthritis (good news for me!). There are other specific exercises and massage techniques to treat other medical conditions. So even if you have a health condition there is always some form of exercise or treatment that can work for you

Here to help

I hope I am able to help you via my Bromley de-stressing services. Offering well thought-out exercise routines, therapeutic massage and/or breathing exercises to help you de-stress and have a better day

It’s so important to learn to take time out everyday to do something for yourself without feeling guilty-otherwise you will start to resent all you do for others and these feelings can manifest as stress.

It’s also important to know when to leave a situation when it’s not doing you any good anymore….It’s never too late to change direction if something’s not making you happy anymore.

My goal is to help you re-balance your soul, take charge of your life and face the world a calmer, happier, revived YOU! My aim is to help you de-stress and de-clutter your mind.

To get in touch

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